Saturday, December 16, 2017

December TRIES to kill me every year!!!

So I'm not sure why but it seems that when Chris leaves for the Pearl Harbor celebrations every year in December...ALL HELL breaks loose on ME!

This past week was hellacious to say the least.  Chris was gone, Max had tech rehearsal EVERY night until 11 pm for "A Christmas Story."  And Max was an emotional wreck!  The role he has in this play is hands down the most difficult/biggest role and he was sure feeling the pressure of it.  Every night I picked him up, he was in tears!  So he missed 2 days of school and I kept him home with me to drill lines and singing solos/parts and just helping him to RELAX.  I even stayed up until 1:30 am on Wednesday night emailing questions he had to the directors AND to type up an outline for him so he could see the flow of the play.  All my late nights paid off with the most AMAZING opening night I've ever seen!  I was there and seriously held my breath most of the time and I cried at the end of it because I was so dang proud of my boy (and exhaustion I'm sure was a big part of the tears too:)

Carlie's car broke down and so we were down a car--but thank goodness for Ethan's car.  $600 later, her car is all fixed!  Yay!  Merry Christmas to Carlie!  She's got a brand new alternator this year:)

Somewhere during the week, I missed the email regarding Tatum's Spelling Bee.  She had won her class Spelling Bee and had moved onto the school Spelling Bee.  The Spelling Bee was Friday morning at 9 am and of course I had a million other things to do that morning.  I was with Max on Thursday night for his opening night so I could not even practice with her.  I asked Ethan to help that night while I was with Max.  Apparently Ethan wasn't much help--Tatum "misspelled" a few words "on purpose" to see if he was even paying attention--NOPE!  So that was all the practice she got!  So feeling like the WORST mom in the world, I dropped her off and school Friday morning and told her that I LOVED her more than anything and no matter what the outcome, I would take her for a Circle K soda after school.  I left the school in tears--crying twice in a week?!  That's a rare occurrence for me.  Thank goodness for a good teacher/friend at the school.  While I was visiting teaching, I was getting text updates from Mr. Martin:

"Tatum is doing GREAT!"
"She's in the top 6 now!"
"Top 3 now!!!"
"Drats!  She missed her word!  Couldn't tell you what the word was.  It was too tough for me!"

So my little Miss Tatum placed 3rd in her school Spelling Bee!  (Which was PERFECT because the top 2 students advanced to district and I loathe the spelling lists they have to practice for that!)  She came in 3rd to two 6th grade boys.  Way to represent the girls AND the 5th graders!!!  CRAZY CRAZY proud of this girl!!!  I took her out to for Circle K and then to Dairy Queen after Max's play! Her teacher came to Max's play that night--Ms. Askins was Max's 5th grade teacher as well.  I even asked her what word Tatum had missed (because Tatum couldn't remember either) and Ms. Aksins had NO idea either!  So pretty good word to go out on right?!

So what seemed like the LONGEST week actually turned out pretty dang okay:
*Max's play has come together in the most amazing way
*Tatum won 3rd place in the school Spelling Bee
*Carlie has a car that runs again
*Ethan was asked on his first date!!!
Max, Ms. Askins, & Tatum

Celebratory Blizzard for the amazing Tatum Jane!!!

Ethan gets asked on his first date!!!

Okay!  Just to prove the CRAZINESS of the girls at Heritage...

Ethan was just asked to the Sadie Hawkin's dance.  This is a girl-ask-guy dance that won't happen until March 1, 2018.  Neither Ethan OR the girl who asked are even 16 yet but she was determined to get him asked before someone did.  (They will both be 16 by the dance:)

My sweet, unassuming, kind Ethan had NO idea how to even act--Carlie caught a recording as the set up was in the trunk of Ethan's car:)  LOVE this sweet boy of mine.  Now...HOW to answer???

December Piano Recital!

Poor Tatum.  She's the only one of my kids that I still force to do recitals--and she had to play in 2 quartets because of a last minute recital dropout:)  But she's a good sport AND a pretty darn good little pianist.  Way to go baby girl.  CRAZY proud of you!

Winter Formal 2017

So Carlie did a little something CRAZY this year and asked a boy she barely knew--who goes to a different school even!--to her Winter Formal at Heritage.  Going to a smaller school has its advantages and disadvantages for sure.

*Advantage--you are 99% likely to be asked to all school dances--which does NOT happen at the bigger schools.
*Disadvantage--there are more girls than boys at this school so the girls go crazy and start asking in September for this December dance!  

So Carlie refused to be a "crazy" girl and asked someone outside her school to this dance.  This boy she asked is actually the son of my husband's boss:)  They've kinda known each other over the years--Chris has been working for the same boss for over 20 years now--they follow each other on Instagram and stuff like that.  

So once again, I forgot to take a picture of the cute poster Carlie made for Docker.  Her school mascot is the "Heritage Hero" so it was something to the effect of "Would you be my Hero for a night?"  She delivered it in person and everything--I went and sat in the car and watched:)  It was fun.

He responded with the Wonder Woman cape:

She was in a big group this year with 9 couples--4 other girls had asked guys from other schools so Docker was not the only outsider:)  

She's likes TALL guys:)

See what I mean?

Carlie and her BFF Kayleah who FINALLY made the switch to Heritage for her Senior year.  Carlie just LOVES having her there!

Fall Softball 2017--Candy Crushers!

Another softball season in the books!  And it was a GREAT one!  One of our most favorite coaches decided to come back this season to coaching and we were THRILLED!  Scott V. is so passionate about this sport and he puts so much energy and effort into it--which makes a HUGE difference.  We've had other coaches in the past just there to get through the season.

Chris was a coach as well this season.  Tatum likes having him there so it works out really well--the boys never liked him coaching their teams:)

Scott was gone the day of team pictures and so I had his wife send over a picture of him which Chris then blew up and cut out to put on a stick to make sure his face was seen in the pics:)  We sure had a good laugh over it all--the best part was that Chris posed with Scott's daughter for the Coach/daughter pic.  So it was Scott's huge head on my husband's body with Chloe at his side!  

Tatum caught again this season.  She is absolutely FEARLESS at these pitches coming at her--her best friend, Chloe V., has become quite the pitcher.  Her pitches come crazy fast at you for a 10 year old girl--she chipped her dad's tibia bone with a pitch.  But Tatum had no problem catching for her.  Chloe prefers Tatum behind the plate too--it's somewhat of a comfort to her and she just pitches better when Tatum is there.

The girls had a great season and came in 4th out of 14 teams so we were thrilled with that outcome.  Can't wait to jump back in next spring!!!

Scott's BIG head!!!

Dang she's CUTE!!!

The Unstoppable Duo!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Max's Monologue

All the parents were invited to watch their child perform a monologue that they had prepared and worked on in their drama class.  I had NO idea what I was in for.  Max was the very first one up and he was definitely the LOUDEST.

He is performing a highly-edited version of a monologue of Josh Gad in the movie "Pixels."  This is actually my most favorite part of that movie so it's probably my fault that he chose to do this one.  Thank goodness his teacher helped him with the editing.

Way to go Max.  Super proud of your ability to entertain a crowd.  You've definitely got a gift.

Halloween 2017!!!

Halloween always stretches out to at least 3 different events around here it seems.  It's the BEST day of the year as far as we're concerned.

We had to get really creative with Max's costume as he wanted to be the new "Pennywise."  So I hit up Pintrest for a few ideas and BAM!  Another awesome costume was created!  Max is usually the only complicated one every year.  The other 3 pull something together pretty much on their own.

Max filmed the entire day before our ward Halloween party.  We picked him up from the film shoot and headed straight for the party.  Carlie and I did his make-up in about 5 minutes outside our car:)  Turned out great.  He was definitely the hit of the party.  He had the best time running around scaring everyone--even the adults:)  He had a crowd of kids that followed him around ALL night!  CRAZY KID!

Tatum invited her very best friend, Karisma, to the party.  It's always a party when these two are together.  Tatum is a dead movie star and Karisma was a Monster Softball player.  Tatum and her little group of 5th grade friends left the party a little early to go to Ellie's house nearby to just hang out "away from little kids" and exchange candy.  Funny how 5th graders feel bothered by "little kids:)"

I somehow missed my Ethan and his friends at the ward party.  Ethan seriously rode his bike over to the Goodwill store down the street on this very same day (in the morning).  His met up with his good friend, Courdrey, there and they each picked out their Halloween costumes in about 10 minutes.  Ethan spent a total of $6 for his cool biker jacket and hat.  Such an easy, simple kid--LOVE him:)

I think we decided this was our 6th year doing this.  The kids look forward to it every year and the carvers (Chris & Kevin) just keep getting better and better!

Heritage Academy allows the students to dress up for Halloween.  So here are my 3 kiddos--Ethan as a biker guy (I LOVE how the hat sits on his ears:), Max as Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" (because the Pennywise collar is way too itchy to wear all day).  And Carlie as "Agnes"--one of the 3 sisters in the Despicable Me movies (she had 2 other friends at school that dressed up as the other 2 sisters).

Kalissa, Carlie, & Kayleah
as Margo, Agnes, & Edith

We had our neighbors (the Thurmans) come over to our driveway.  We set up all our pumpkins and eat dinner together as the Trick-or-Treaters come by.  This is the best part of Halloween for me--spending time with our neighbors that we don't see everyday.  Ethan and Max had a great time going out with Brandon and Tyler.  Overall, just a GREAT night.  We LOVED it!

Max, Tyler, Ethan, Brandon, & Tatum

Here's Max doing the Pennywise dance:)

Another great Halloween in the books!