Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heritage Sadies Hawkins

Another fun event at Heritage Academy--Sadie Hawkins (girl ask guy dance).  I love that the girls have to ask guys out sometimes too:)

The "theme" of the dance this year was a western theme of "Wanted Dead or Dancing" and Carlie's date was Todd.  Chris and I were out of town for this dance--we were at Disneyland so I was kinda sad but then kinda not:)  But I knew she was in a great group of kids and that her friend's mom would take great pictures.

I guess "Cowboy Theme"=PLAID on everyone:)  Such a great group of kids!
From Left to Right:
Boys:  Collin, Todd, Ryan, Stephen, & Tayte
Girls:  Kelly, Carlie, Kalissa, Hannah, & Paige

Todd & Carlie

The actual dance was held at "Rockin' R Ranch."  Todd was a great date and Carlie sure had fun with everyone in her group.  

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tatum's Choir Festival:)

Tatum joined her school choir this year along with her good friend (and carpool bud) Ellie.  They had a really great time and I actually was really impressed with the teacher--very organized and on top of things.

The highlight of the year came when the choir kids got to miss most of a day of school to go and participate in the choir festival over at Chandler Center for the Arts.  Little Miss Tatum even had a solo in the song they sang.  They did such a great job.

Ellie & Tatum

Tatum & Alexa

My little soloist:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ethan's 15th Birthday!!!

Holy Moly!  I'm having a hard time believing my son is 15 and that I'm going to have to start teaching him how to drive this year!!!

One of Ethan's most favorite thing in the world are Legos and the new Lego Movie came out in February this year.  So Ethan wanted to take a few friends to the new movie and then come back home to eat and hang out for a bit.  Easiest kid we have hands down.

Birthday...DONE we come!

Happy Birthday sweet Ethan:)

Brandon, Ethan, & Cordrey

Cookie cake because he doesn't like real cake:)

Ethan gets Braces!

Ethan's whole journey with braces started in December 2016.  He first needed a palate expander--the WORST thing he's ever dealt with in his life.  Poor guy.  He walked around with a spit cup for 2 days and it took him about a week to figure out how to eat normally again with it in his mouth--he's TOO skinny already!  The device did it's job and created lots of needed room in his mouth--maybe a little too much. But everything progressed as it should and he got his actual braces on--but the expander still remains in his mouth for about another 6 months:/  He's learning to talk much slower and annunciate much more clearly.  You're a rockstar E:)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mulan Jr. with AYT

Rewind back to early December...auditions for Mulan were coming up.  Max decided at the last minute he would like to audition.  As we headed over to the theatre for his audition...EVERY road going north was closed at Elliot Rd.!!!  I had ONE MORE mile to get to the theatre and I COULD NOT get there!!!  There was some marathon going on for Gilbert Days and it seriously took me 1 1/2 hours to get to the theatre that normally takes just 20 minutes.  So Max actually missed his audition time but I was able to get him in the next audition group--the casting directors were well aware of the road closures as it affected many people.  So I was completely flustered and thinking that maybe I should have just taken the road blocks as a sign and gone home.  But we made it and in he went.

After an hour, I see Max come out with a huge group of kids around him patting him on the back, giving him high fives, etc...and I just knew...he landed another lead role.  He somehow just lights up an audition room and makes everyone take notice.  

Cast list was late being posted on Sunday night--I was once again at a church meeting (for Trek) checking my phone every 5 minutes--but when it did post...LOTS of whooping and hollering was going on at the Meeker home:)

Max honestly thought he would NEVER enjoy another role as much as he loved being Peter Pan.  He was WRONG!  He absolutely LOVED being Captain Shang--his new favorite role up to this point.  Captain Shang is definitely a more serious and intense character which was a challenge for Max.  He just amazed us all as he rose to the occasion and became this amazing character that everyone LOVED!  Black hair, clip-on man bun, high energy fight scenes, a "stage kiss" at the end all made for one amazing production.

When Max was Peter Pan a year ago, that was cute and adorable.  This year, as Captain Shang, he became every girl's dream:)  Seriously!  After shows, I would be outside with him as he greeted everyone and many times girls came over to say, "My sister thinks you're cute!" or "My friend says you're HOT!"  or "Can I get a picture with you???"  I'd just be standing there like, "HELLO!  MOM standing here with my 12 year old son so back off girls!"  Kinda funny how things change in a year:)

The "man bun" OH YEAH:)

Kobi (Soldier Ling)

Grant (Soldier Yao)

Nadia (Mulan)

Lindsey (Mushu)

Liam in his ensemble costume

Photo bomb Dab by Grant
I always work backstage at least one night so I can get cast pics.  Max was trying to teach me how to take a selfie--apparently it's all in the "tilt" of the camera and I was not very good at it:)

Photo Bomb by Grant again:)

Photo Bomb by Ruby

Olivia (Yun Ancestor)

Mrs. Babcock (Max's teacher from school:)
came to see Max for her birthday!
Grandpa Frank & Grandma Sherry

Emma came to embarrass Max one night--
she did a GREAT job:)

Paula (Grandmother Fa)--she was HILARIOUS in her role!
One of my favorites in the cast:)

Liam in his "bad guy" costume--Shan Yu

Max's Friends from school:
Nicolette, Parker, & Maddox

After party at DQ

So another fantastic show under our belts at AYT.  Max thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this production.  He was sure sad when it was over but he's pretty much been out with the cast at some get together every weekend since it ended--he's got a party this weekend too.  Such a great group of kids!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Max's 12th Birthday!

 Max managed to have another INSANE birthday month this year.  He was literally tied up every week night with rehearsals as his show was nearing.  We like to cram in as much as we can and this weekend was no exception.  Here's what happened during Max's birthday week:
1-Tech Rehearsals until 10 pm every night
2-Max turned 12 which meant...PRIESTHOOD!
3-Grandparents in town for show and birthday festivities!!!
4-Birthday dinner at Olive Garden:  (Max wearing his "man bun":)

Max's hair was temporarily dyed for this show which is why his hair looks dark brown:
He insisted on decorating his own cake--
Check out Bart Simpson in the middle:)

Priesthood Sunday!
We were so tied up with everything that Max decided he did not want a party or a trip.  All he wanted was a custom light saber--a little pricey but he LOVES it!  And it was sure easy to just order it and have it show up in the mail.

Despite how "low key" we made his birthday, he had a BLAST!  Having your birthday during a show means LOT of being attention and being sung to.  He even received gifts from several people in the cast.  Max was right where he wanted to be doing exactly what he wanted to be doing on his birthday.  Happy 12th Birthday Maxwell.   How boring our lives would be without you:)

More and More Foster Babies!!!

I'm pretty sure I'm at the top of the list of "who to call" for fostering puppies:)  After a few weeks off, I was glad to get some more!  

This was a set of 4 puppies that were 4 weeks old.  They came with their mom.  The previous owners wanted the mom back--just without the puppies.  It broke my heart to send the mommy back but I didn't I didn't send her back without a haircut and a new collar--the shelter had her fixed as well.  So here is the before/after picture of Momma Misty:

We went with a "W" theme this time when naming the puppies:

Winston--little boy

Winifred--the only little girl

Wolverine--little boy that Ethan named:)

Wolgang--little boy that I named:)

These pups were SUPER high energy and SUPER intelligent which made them a handful to take care of.  But we sure enjoyed our 4 weeks with them and when I took them back into the shelter on a Thursday morning--the shelter opens at 11 am--they were ALL 4 GONE BY 6 pm that night!!!  It was a record for sure!  I was SOO happy that they didn't spend a single night in the shelter.  Lucky puppies:)