Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Biz Town/Gold Medal

Tatum has been a BUSY girl this month at school!  She just participated in BizTown and had soo much fun!  She got to be the CFO of Cox Communications.  I had a friend that volunteered at this event and she sent me some pictures of Tatum in action!

Funny side note:  I drove carpool today and we discovered that Ellie and Tatum were TWINNING it today:)

She looks so busy and professional:)

Being interviewed on TV!!!

As if that wasn't enough, Tatum also did some extra things in the classroom with her AR reading goals and she was 1 of 2 kids in Ms. Askins to earn a Gold Medal!  I had NO idea she did all this extra work!  She seriously did it all on her own.  CRAZY proud of how hard this girl works in school!  She's a ROCKSTAR:)

CRAZY Hair Day:)

Tatum LOVES crazy hair day at school!  It happens once a year and she pours over Pintrest looking for the coolest hair idea--I'm always game to try whatever.  Last year was the Dr. Pepper bottle hair and this year just had to be better.  She found this idea and just knew this is what she wanted this year.  Not sure how to top this next year but I'm sure she'll find a way!

Ethan's 16th Birthday!!!

Ethan stayed true-to-form this year...SIMPLE.

Birthday lunch, Marvel movie, & video games with a couple good friends.  So he invited Brandon and Cordrey.  McDonalds was the meal of choice, Black Panther for the movie, and then home to hang out and play whatever it is they play on the Wii.

For his Family Birthday dinner we had fried chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and corn--his absolute most favorite food combo:)  And then of course a mint-chocolate cake to finish it all!  No birthday is complete without the Birthday Crown of course!  This sweet teen boy does not ask for anything!  He seriously doesn't care about the latest phones or electronics or games.  So, we bought him new hub caps for his car since one was missing and he was THRILLED!!!

No, he did NOT put that dent in the car!
That was Grandma Sherry's fault:)
Since his actual birthday was on Saturday, we had to wait until Monday, Feb. 26th for him to take his driving test.  We went over to the DMV over the weekend for him to practice in their course they have set up and I'm so glad we did!  His 3-point turn was near flawless and we walked out of the DMV with his license in hand.  Ethan was BEAMING from ear-to-ear!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing this guy proud of something he did.  He's such an AMAZING kid!  I know it and someday HE will know it too!  LOVE you to the moon and back Ethan Christopher!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Max's First Anniversary of being 12!!!

So Max has decided that he does not want to turn 13--he wants to be "Ralphie" forever!  So we are NOT calling this his 13th birthday--it is the first anniversary of him being 12.  (But then he was reminded of all the cool things being 13 brings--a gmail/facebook account and being able to pay tithing online:)

He wanted a simple birthday party this year--skating and dinner with a few of his best theatre friends.  So we did just that!  He invited all kids from his Christmas Story cast--Sarah B., Marissa E., Remi R., and Grant M.

First stop: Skateland!!!  It's kinda funny how Max has NO problem embarrassing himself.  He is NOT a good skater at all but still wanted to skate with his friends (apparently Sarah is a very good skater:)
Sarah, Marissa, Remi, Max & Grant
Dinner at ModPizza:
We did our best to be out of their way.  We left them alone at Skateland for 2.5 hours and then bought their dinner and left them at ModPizza to enjoy time together there.

After dinner, they had some hang out time so they went over to Target and had a blast having scavenger hunts and playing hide-and-seek.  Glad they didn't get kicked out:)

Of course there was Chris and I chauffeuring these teens around.  The entire car ride consisted of show tunes being belted out--mostly songs from "The Greatest Showman" and "Dear Evan Hansen."  But we enjoyed the noise anyways:)  Great group of kids celebrating exactly how Max wanted to.  It was the perfect birthday night for him.

Sunday--the actual day of his birthday--was our family celebration.  We made his favorite pasta dinner, had ice-cream cake, and opened his present from his siblings--a gun rack to hang his Red Ryder BB gun, his light-saber, and his staff from Mulan above his bed.  

The Birthday crown made it's appearance!!!

So happiest first anniversary of being 12 to my Max.  CRAZY proud of you and love you to pieces:)

This is a funny video his Knoop cousins made for him:

MLK Day at the Ostrich Ranch!

We wanted to do something together as a family on Martin Luther King Day.  So I suggested that we head out to the Rooster Coghorn Ostrich Ranch!  It had been about 6 years since we had last been here and boy has it changed!  There was so much more to do/see/feed!  Donkeys, rabbits, ducks, and even sting rays.  

Donkeys:  These things were CRAZY!!!  They made the funniest faces trying to get the food from our hands!

Next we fed the sweet reindeer:

Next were goats!!!  We called them the "Walking Dead Goats!"  It was kinda creepy the way they were trying to get out of the holes for food.  Max even "kissed" a goat--he was the only brave one:)

These little parakeets were a new addition too.  We just fed them through the fence--no birds landing on us here:)

And the main attraction--the Ostriches!!!  I dared my kids to get a selfie with an ostrich.  Poor Ethan tried and got his ear bit!!!  

He stuck with feeding the nearby goat after the bite:)




Larikeets--My least favorite for sure!!!  Chris snapped pictures of me in the Larikeet cage.  I look pretty ridiculous!  Thank goodness I can laugh at myself because I sure failed at facing my bird fears:)

Tatum likes the birds about as much as me:)


Creepy Bird eyeing me!
This image haunts my dreams:)

The Sting Rays!!!  Still kinda creepy but way cool!!!

It took some serious coaxing to get Tatum to do this!!!


Seriously the best way to spend some fun family together time!!!  Absolutely worth the drive!