Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Stand corrected AND with my foot in my mouth:)

Yes!  I was NOT a choir fan before this year.  I always said, "If you can't handle band, join choir!"  Well today I stand corrected AND with my foot in my mouth.

This year has been a phenomenal year for Carlie.  The end of the year concert was all student produced--Mr. Rakita directed a few things but not many.

Carlie was all over the place for this concert.   She was singing, dancing, and playing piano for other people's performances.  I lost count of her costume changes.  She is also used as the a cappella song's "pitch pipe" because she has perfect pitch--she sings the starting note to get everyone started on the right notes:)  I pretty much just sat with my mouth open the entire time.  I was sure glad that others were recording this concert because I just wanted to watch and take it all in--which I did.  These were my top 3 favorite numbers:

I've definitely learned what a unique school Heritage Academy is.  There have been many times I've wondered if we had done the right thing putting our kids here.  The trips/events/clubs my kids have been a part of are unlike any other school around.  The environment/staff and students are amazing.  This end of the year concert was just one more validation for me.  This school ROCKS!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Les Miserables

Where to start?  This whole experience was hard, grueling, tough, and exhausting BUT was also AMAZING, rewarding, and full-filling.

It was Tatum's stage debut and she couldn't have asked for a better cast.  She was one of two young girls in the cast and everyone was extremely kind and inclusive of her.  She LOVED every minute of it.

This was a dream role for Carlie.  Watching her perform every night and NAILING it EVERY heart could have just burst.  I can't even express how proud of I am of both my daughters.

Over the years of being involved in theatre, I've watched as Carlie has received big roles, small roles, and NO roles.  It was heart-wrenching watching her go through the tough times.  But going through those times make moments like this, that much sweeter.  Nothing has been handed to her.  She has worked HARD to get to where she is today.  Eponine is hands down her most favorite role of all time--which is saying something because she's been a pretty girly princess a couple of times:)  How grateful we are to have been a part of this.

The show itself was top-notch.  I could not believe the level of talent amongst these teens.  They brought this play to life and did an incredible job.  Through 6 shows, these kids pulled together, did hard things, and amazed all those who had the opportunity to watch--every show was sold out!  People paid to stand in the back!  It was that good!!!

Poor little Village girl:)
Tatum in her "spoiled Eponine" dress
Eponine the Younger &
Eponine the Elder:)
Young Cosette & Young Eponine
Young Eponine & Madame Thenardaire (mom:)
aka Tatum & Hope
With Mom & Dad:)
Rhett & Hope
Little girl all grown up!
Rhett, Carlie, & Hope
With Gavroche
aka Trina:)
Carlie's cheering section for the Thursday night show:
Kayleah, Thommy, Tayte, & Lois
Thommy, Kayleah, Tayte, & Carlie
Long-time theatre buds
Carlie & Kayleah first met when they
were both orphans in Annie in 2011
Carlie & Josh (prom date:)
Jean Val-Jean & Eponine
aka Daniel & Carlie 
Oh yeah!  Show us the tat!
Eponine & Javert
aka Carlie & Daniel
Thenardaire & Eponine
aka Rhett & Carlie
They met back in 2012 when Rhett was
Sebastian and Carlie was Aerial in
The Little Mermaid
Eponine & Enjorles
aka Carlie & David
Eponine & Cosette
aka Carlie & Emma

Aww...Poor Eponine!
It's not about the guy at all!  It's
about the best singing solo:)
McKay as Marius
Show pics:

Can we just freeze THIS moment?

NOT fun watching your daughter die night after night;)

Amazing show run.  It's been a LONG 5 months but completely worth all of the extra hours and effort.  Crazy proud of my girls.  Crazy proud of this entire cast.  

Heritage Prom 2017

The boys move FAST at Carlie's school because apparently there are less girls than boys.  So Carlie was asked to prom about 6 weeks before it actually happened:)  But that's okay!  Gave us lots of time to prepare.

Carlie was actually out with some friends when these two guys showed up with Smash Burger.  So I quickly texted her telling her to get right home.  Of course she asked a million questions but she obeyed and was glad she did:)

Josh didn't write his name anywhere on the bag so I wasn't sure if she would know who had asked her but she took one look a the bag and said, "Freakin' Josh!"  I asked how she knew and she said, "Look!  He always spells my name with a "Q!"  "Qarley"  All right.  Glad she knew.  I actually didn't even notice that until she pointed it out:)

Carlie had a FULL day of Les Mis rehearsals, babysitting, and then teaching piano right up to the minute that he showed up.  I am always amazed at how she handles her schedule and gets EVERYTHING done.  She fixed her hair in between lessons and was ready to go when Josh showed up:)

Our cute little foster pup wanted in on the fun:)
Josh didn't mention anything about the bras all over the place.  I just asked him, "Did you see all the bras?"  He said, "Yeah...I didn't know if I should say something or not..."  But thank goodness he's a super funny guy and a great sport.  So I took these pictures of them.  I texted the pictures to Chris because he was out of town and he texted back, "That better be the ONLY bra he touches tonight!"

Had to get ONE pic with NO bras:)

Photo-Bombed!!!  But the hair is pretty right?!
I followed them over to another house for group pictures.  I made sure to tell Josh what my husband had said in front of all the other couples--"Josh, my husband says that you better not touch any more bras tonight!"  Everyone's mouths fell open.  Josh was like "WAIT a minute!!!  CONTEXT everyone!  Please show them the pictures!!!"  We all had a great laugh.

This group was SUPER fun!  We just kept taking pictures and they all turned out amazing!  

My personal favorite pic of the night:)

We discovered Josh had a "midget tie"
after the above picure!

Daniel, Collin, Josh, & Tayte

Tarin, Hannah, Kylie, & Carlie

The PERFECT jumping shot!!!

Such a great group of kids.  And Josh was an AWESOME date.  Carlie had the most fun she's ever had at a school dance.   It's gonna be hard to top this night for sure:)