Sunday, June 18, 2017

Max Gets An Agent/First job!

Spring was a little insane here so I didn't even blog about one of the biggest things we did!

Max has been asking for over a year to do more TV/commercial acting.  I drug my feet on it for about 6 months--mostly because I had NO idea where to even start.  But he was persistent so my research began. After reading a couple books and hours of online research I came up with a plan.

I began with online submissions to the most reputable talent agencies in AZ.  I narrowed it down to 4 agencies.  We then spent our spring break driving Max out to meet/audition with the different agencies.  He was called in to meet with all 4 agencies and he was offered contracts by 3 of them.  We were pretty torn between 2 of the agencies and after a lot of thought/consideration/prayer, we ended up signing with the Deborah Maddox Agency out in Scottsdale in April.

So Max is now officially an Actor/Model/Voice Over artist.

While I was in Europe, Max got his first official job!!!  It worked out perfectly with all our craziness of the beginning of June.  We were home from Europe and Max was home from Scout Camp.  

There is a movie coming out in a month that Max plays the younger version of the main character working in a wood shop along side his movie dad.  We headed over to the shoot location this past week for him to do his part.  It's a smaller role with no speaking lines but he was paid $175 for two hours of work so we were happy with that.  I still have lots to learn in this acting world but I'm excited to see where this road will take us.  Here we go Max!!!  Let's do this:)

I tried sneaking in some pics--I may or may not be allowed to do this:)  Rookie Mom here!

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