Friday, June 23, 2017

Tatum goes to BYU Softball Camp:)

Tatum and her good friend, Chloe, have been softball teammates for 7 seasons!  They both just love the sport and love being together.  Chloe's mom and I have been wanting them to go to a softball camp for a couple of years now but we couldn't find any that took girls under 10.  Amber really wanted to have Chloe attend the BYU camp this summer and Chloe really wanted Tatum to be there.  So I figured I would call and ask for special permission for Tatum to attend--since she technically doesn't turn 10 until late September.  Worst thing they could say was "No" but they said "YES!!!"

The girls have been talking and planning this trip since April.  We weren't quite comfortable letting the girls stay in the dorms--even though they felt old enough.  Amber was willing to drive them up and stay with them all week.  They stayed a couple nights in a hotel and then spent the rest of the week with family.  SLUMBER PARTY ALL WEEK!!!

They left early in the morning on Sunday, June 11th--I got home from Europe late that night on the 11th.  So not only did I have to have her completely packed up before I left on June 1st, I didn't get to see my baby from June 1st-18th!!!  It's the longest we've ever been apart and I sure missed her like CRAZY!  But she had such a great time that it was all worth it:)

So excited to be in their hotel
after 10 hours in the car!

BYU Softball Camp 2017!  Bring it!!!
Tatum has been making the transition to a catcher this year in softball.  She still loves playing 1st base but definitely gets more playing time behind home plate.  So that big ol' bag she has is all her catchers gear:)  All the girls were separated into 6 teams.  Tatum's team "won" the entire softball camp mini-tournament so she was pretty excited to tell me that.

Tatum's main coach for the week:
Arrianna Poulsen--current BYU softball player

BYU Headcoach--Coach Eakin

They sure squeezed in a lot of softball and fun this week:

Swimming at the hotel

Seven Peaks Water Park!!!

Hike up to Bride-Veil Falls

Tatum and Chloe had a BLAST to say the least!  They are already planning next year's trip to softball camp--staying IN the dorms of course:)  Can't wait for the fall softball season now!  

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