Sunday, August 27, 2017

My Ethan...ROCKIN' LIFE!

This amazingly sweet son of mine has really been kicking butt lately.  He NEVER likes to be the center of attention and tries his best (it seems) to stay very low-key.  But this school year, he has really stepped up his game.  This boy of mine is currently enrolled in 11 dual-enrollment college courses at school.  He has started teaching piano to nearby kids and he currently has 5 students!  And to top it all off, he just passed his permit test (on his 1st try even!) this past Friday--he already has a car that Papa Frank & Grandma Sherry gave to him, he just needed the permit.  And now he has it.  Way to go E.  Love you to the moon and back and I'm CRAZY proud of you!!!

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