Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heritage Sadies Hawkins

Another fun event at Heritage Academy--Sadie Hawkins (girl ask guy dance).  I love that the girls have to ask guys out sometimes too:)

The "theme" of the dance this year was a western theme of "Wanted Dead or Dancing" and Carlie's date was Todd.  Chris and I were out of town for this dance--we were at Disneyland so I was kinda sad but then kinda not:)  But I knew she was in a great group of kids and that her friend's mom would take great pictures.

I guess "Cowboy Theme"=PLAID on everyone:)  Such a great group of kids!
From Left to Right:
Boys:  Collin, Todd, Ryan, Stephen, & Tayte
Girls:  Kelly, Carlie, Kalissa, Hannah, & Paige

Todd & Carlie

The actual dance was held at "Rockin' R Ranch."  Todd was a great date and Carlie sure had fun with everyone in her group.  

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