Monday, September 24, 2018

The PERFECT Weekend!

Yep!  I had the MOST PERFECT weekend!  Carlie came home from BYU to see Kayleah in her latest lead in a play--"First Date" at MCC.  We have been planning this for awhile now and actually bought her ticket before she moved--so I had been counting down the days:)

The small airport in Mesa flies directly into the small airport in Provo--which I LOVE!  Since the boys have Fridays off from school, they of course had to come with me to pick her up from the airport.  But we couldn't just PICK HER UP!  How boring!  Max had been kicking around ideas for weeks and he finally settled in on his favorite Pennywise costume--but Rocco HAD to have a raincoat so that he could be "Georgie" (like in the movie).  I ended up finding a returned yellow dog raincoat on Amazon for $9 so I decided I could spend that to go along with Max's plan:)

Well Carlie is totally immune to Max and his Halloween obsession so her reaction was quite boring--you can hear her in the video saying, "Max, there's something wrong with you" and then she went right for the dog.  The BEST part was all the airport employees and passengers--Max was A HIT!!!  Everyone was either wanting pictures of him OR wanting to stay far from him:)  I was inside watching for Carlie as Max stayed outside--because I wasn't 100% sure if this was even allowed or legal:)

Funny Side Story #1:  I went into Party City to buy the single red balloon.  Nobody buys just one balloon so naturally they were curious as to what I was doing.  I explained the whole situation to them and they thought it was hilarious and gave me the balloon for FREE!

Funny Side Story #2:  Some good friends of ours--the Brooks family--just happened to be at the airport picking up their Grandma.  This family has been extremely supportive of all of Max's plays and have been out to see him several times.  So I was actually kinda embarrassed to see them because I feel like they think all we do is costumes and acting 24/7!  But they are so kind/supportive/and tolerant and had a great laugh seeing Max there dressed up.  Andrew was more excited to see Max than he was his own mother:)

Max waving goodbye to all his
new found fans!

Ethan's one job was the poster.  It's hard to read but Ethan said he meant to make it "abstract" and it says, "Welcome Home Carlie!"  (Oh!  He also sat in the driver seat of my running van while I looked for Carlie at the airport.  So he had 2 jobs:)

We enjoyed a family dinner and movie night--Pet Semetary--on Friday.  On Saturday, we all went to Tatum's softball game.  Tatum has be ROCKING IT this season and for the 2nd game in a row, this girl has hit the game-winning RBI!!!  So it was a super close and exciting game and the Diamond Queens won--they have a perfect record so far this season!  We then went out to lunch to celebrate and hit our most favorite store--Spirit Halloween!!!   We have big plans for our front yard this Halloween and needed some supplies--full-size skeletons to be exact:)

Carlie then got to go to dinner and the show with her closest friends--Lois & Tayte.  Then after the show she got ice cream with Lois, Tayte, Kayleah, & Noah.  
Noah, Tayte, Lois, Kayleah, & Carlie

Since Carlie was coming home late, we had to squeeze in one more joke.  Max & I set up the new skeletons in her room and bathroom for a nice late-night surprise for Carlie and WE GOT HER GOOD!!!  Poor Carlie:)  This was what was waiting for her in her dark bathroom & bedroom:
In Carlie's bathroom

"Skeleton Porn"--Max's idea:)

Max has been sleeping in Carlie's room since she's moved out.  It's not officially HIS room--he looses it every time she comes home or if anyone comes to visit.  But it bugs her a lot so Max just had to rub it in a little more:

In her room

Despite having Carlie fly out on Sunday late morning, it was still a great day.  We got her to the airport and then I had to pull myself together because Tatum was playing organ for the first time today and I had to help with the Primary Program.  Tatum ROCKED it once again and the Program ran without a hitch.  

I think I fell asleep at 8:30 on Sunday because I was EXHAUSTED but HAPPY!  What an incredible weekend we had!  Can't wait to get my baby back home at Thanksgiving!!!  Max is already making plans for Carlie's next trip home at Thanksgiving--heaven forbid we just show up at the airport...

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